The Hampden Charter School of Science is a top-ranking tuition-free college preparatory school founded in 2009. The mission of the HCSS is to provide a college preparatory-focused education to the youth of every race and ethnic group in Western Massachusetts.

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Should we teach Tau instead of Pi?

3 months ago by mbabbitt

In the last 20 years, a growing movement has been calling for Pi (π or 3.14…) to be replaced by Tau (τ), which equals 2π or about 6.28. Students should be taught Tau, the argument goes, because it...

Student-Driven Learning in the Modern Classroom

3 months ago by wmackinnon

"Anyone... anyone...?" (Ferris Bueller's Day Off) The classroom is changing, evolving and developing in our understanding, curriculum standards, and expectations of both students and teachers. As...

Should we use Textbooks in the History Classroom?

3 months ago by wmackinnon

Should we use Textbooks in the History Classroom? This year we have seen more radical change and adjustment to education than we have in the past 40 years. We've moved towards digital and...

Engagement Strategies: The Waterfall Chat

3 months ago by ngodard

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to attend an excellent keynote speech from Douglas Fisher, a professor of educational leadership at San Diego State University and big wig in literacy...

Do We Need to “Go Back to Normal” in September?

3 months ago by ngodard

The world ended, but we’re still here. 2020 certainly felt like the end of the world as the very fabric of our lives and communities was torn apart by the coronavirus, but here we are, coming to...